Video Marketing Kicking Goals

In 2011, Head of TED, Chris Anderson, presented on the phenomenon Crowd Accelerated Innovation driven by the rise of web video.

Fast forward eight years and video is even more powerful in today’s digital landscape. With higher bandwidth speeds and the ability to capture high definition videos from the palm of our hands, it’s no wonder that over 5 billion videos on YouTube are viewed every day, and 300 hours of video content are uploaded every minute!

Learn more about Anderson’s theory on video innovation in the clip below:

As brands and marketers search for more ways to interact and engage with consumers, video has become a critical part of any digital strategy. Not only is video a powerful way for brands to share their own messaging, it’s an opportunity to provide educational content, product demonstrations and even allow the consumer to produce their own content on behalf of the brand.

As Anderson mentions in his TED Talk, humans are hard-wired to communicate in a face-to-face manner, so it’s not surprising that 79% of customers would rather watch an explainer or ‘how to’ video to learn about a product rather than reading text. By brands creating authentic and more personal content, consumers are happy to engage with short useful content, that is beneficial to them.

With 81% of people having been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video, it shows just how integral it is for brands to embrace video marketing within their digital marketing strategy.

A brand that I think does this particularly well is Nike. Their recent video campaign featuring Sam Kerr was broadcast on all their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and it certainly grabbed my attention. Linking in their partnership with arguably Australia’s best soccer player currently was inspiring, and if Nike boots help improve my soccer skills to play like Sam Kerr, then I am considering them next time I am purchasing a new pair!

If only I could be even half as good as Sam Kerr

Let me know what brands you think are using video well and brands that could do with some improvement in the comments below.

Written by Vicki Brown

3 Replies to “Video Marketing Kicking Goals”

  1. Hey Vicki, I agree completely that video has become a large part of advertising these days. It definitely is an opportunity for companies to go above and beyond with their advertising, especially with the resources they have today to make something visually appealing and braodcast something as wide as they can.
    I found it really interesting to learn that humans are hard-wired to communicate face-to-face which is a factor in what makes videos so popular in today’s world. Brands that use videos well are definitely beauty ads such as Dove, to uplift consumers, and therefore, sell product to them by appealing to their emotional side and leaving a lasting effect on consumers.

  2. Great blog post, Vicki! As a music lover who is passionate about festivals, I have to admit I’m pretty addicted to watching festival aftermovies and your article made me realise about the powerful effect they have on me: every time I read about a festival I am not aware of I try to go to YouTube and search if there are any aftermovies from their previous editions. I consider it’s a great way to get an idea of the vibe of the event and they usually make me become very excited about attending it: they tend to combine footage of concerts with videos of the people from the crowd enjoying their time there, and that makes it very appealing to me –using a great soundtrack in the video also helps haha–.

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